Our Vision & Values

Our Mission

To develop and enhance a financially and environmentally sustainable Morro Bay fishery, built upon local stewardship of ground fish resources and secured fishing rights anchored in the community.

Our Core Values


  • Well-managed organization, solid funding stream
  • Broad community support

Solutions orientation

  • Non-traditional partnerships for mutually beneficial solutions
  • Include input from conservation, fishing industry, and community

Preserve local industry

  • Keep head of household jobs in our community
  • Retain marine dependent uses and the waterfront ambience vital to visitor serving economy

Working Together

  • Cooperative ventures that advance the fishery
  • Maintain the industry through economies of scale

Conservation and protection

  • For the benefit of fish stocks and the local fishing industry
  • Protecting ground fish habitat and spawning areas
  • Preserving a way of life and economic force for Morro Bay

Long Term Goals


Ensure a financially stable and environmentally sustainable Morro Bay fishery built upon local stewardship of groundfish resources.


Maintain & grow sufficient fishing activity to support marine dependent infrastructure and services in Morro Bay.


Provide for the next generation of smaller boat fishermen.


Engage in collaborative research to improve scientific knowledge and support local fisheries.